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We try to keep things very simple at Semko.  From our website, to coming out and giving a free estimate, to the installation.  We know not everyone wants to spend days, weeks or months on trying to get window estimates.  We are a small, family run business with a no pressure philosophy.  Unlike traditional pushy salespeople that try to get you to sign a contract immediately, we believe in a low-key approach that will give you time to think it over and let you decide when you are ready.

We spend very little on advertising as well.  You will not see our ads on TV or the radio which keep our costs way down which allows us to pass the savings directly to you. Look us up on the web under replacement windows Chicago and you definitely will find numerous satisfied customers that took the time our of their day to write us a review.  We proudly serve the community and all of their window replacement needs. 

We truly appreciate that too because it lets us keep going on this same ideal that you should not be pressured.  We thank all of our customers and hope some of these reviews will help if you are looking into an estimate as well.  Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers wrote;

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joseph J.
Morton Grove, IL Updated review

Purchased windows and patio door in 2014 and gave them a five star review for product and installation..After 4 yrs, we noticed a small crack in one of the windows, one call and we were told that the window would be replaced at no charge...one week later, they arrived and replaced the window in about 10 minutes...Great service again...it is no wonder why they have stayed in business so long...Great customer service and stand by their product..

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Jack M.Lakeview, Chicago, IL

Great price on my three windows. On point bid, efficient installation with very kind folks installing. Solid product and experience overall. Patio door is next.

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Crone D. Chicago, IL

I found a company that does not insult your intelligence with distortions, lies, exaggerations, overpricing or high pressure tactics.  A company that assesses what you want, what you need, what your budget is, and tries to fill those requirements.  A company that respects you.  After dealing with about a half dozen other companies, it was refreshing to find SEMKO.

Hal, the owner of SEMKO, was direct, the product was what I was looking for, pricing was reasonable, and service was exemplary. His sales pitch took less than an hour.  A manufacturer's lifetime warranty including glass breakage and labor was included.  What more could one want?   I asked Hal if I could meet with the actual installer prior to signing a contract.   I was able to talk with Adam at my home which gave me the confidence that they could resolve any quirks that my old building has, like rotted wood, vines, interior paneling covering window framing, and other surprises.  

Adam and his two workmen expertly and efficiently installed 15 windows in one day, and while they were at  it, generously fixed a couple of small siding problems that have been plaguing me.  I am very satisfied with my new windows and my new BWF (best window friend) Hal.

If you are looking for replacement windows, save yourself a lot of time, stress and money by calling SEMKO first.  

If you are just starting, reading my report below might help you avoid some traps.  If you are being subjected to this kind of abuse, show the salesman the front door immediately.

Having declared that he would submit only one price and it would be final, the salesperson for this highly advertised company proceeded to reduce his ridiculously high 'final and only' price of almost $1200 per window to almost half that, but in such excruciatingly difficult and sleight-of-hand step-downs that I was too exhausted and actually sick and disoriented after three hours of relentless hard sell to resist.  It was 11 pm when he finally left with my check.  Thanks to the Buyer's Remorse law, I put a stop payment on my check first thing the next morning and cancelled the contract.   I can understand now why people who are interrogated for hours sign confessions.  But it made me think - Would I face the same kind of ordeal when I needed a repair or replacement?

This company isn't the only one that will have you crying "UNCLE!."  A national company's salespeople (yes - two of them!)  with their bait-and-switch and up-sell tricks made me not consider them for a minute of their almost three hour pitch.  And yet another company took two hours to bring their price down to earth.  And neither of these last two would leave a written estimate for my consideration.  When I asked for an emailed quote, the national company even said they 'don't do email.' But he condescended to scribble some figures on the back of a brochure.  I was left to make a decision based on my recollection of more than two hours of facts interwoven with fiction.

Disappearing act:  
0% financing magically turns into 6%  (that's two points higher than a mortgage).
Free coupons for requesting an estimate never materialize

Bait-and-switch:  20 minutes telling you about their inferior 'contractor' window they WON'T sell you to show how they are only looking out for your best interests, and to switch you to a more expensive product.

Magic act:
Let's pull out that big heat lamp!
Waving a binder of testimonials thicker than the old Yellow Pages that was kept just out of my reach
A slick booklet ostensibly from Consumer Reports detailing how this local manufacturer's windows  are superior to six national brands including Pella. There was no Copyright Page identifying Consumer Reports as the publisher.

Final offer:  Ignore it.   Keep haggling until he is actually out the door. He will call tomorrow. Then haggle some more.

Only good for today:    Get real!  They would turn down a sale if it's 24 hours later after spending hours reconfiguring your brain?  Thankfully, some companies will say "This offer is good for a year."  

Your questions are ignored.  You can't get a word in.  
The product doesn't fit your criteria but that is brushed aside.  
"We don't sell half screens" "Everyone wants full screens"   When I wasn't buying it, he suddenly remembered that they do have half screens.
You decry the overly long computerized presentation as information you already know but they drone on...and on..andonandon..
Their  computer's battery is dead and is recharged for 20 minutes using your electricity.

Up-selling - claiming the highest priced option is the only choice available.  Lying to the customer is not an ethical sales technique.

Catch-22:    Forget that you are completely exhausted. Read the contract.  Clarify fuzzy areas and write in verbal agreements.  And know Buyers Remorse law before signing.

So you can see why SEMKO is such a breath of fresh air (pardon the pun!).

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Alan P. Chicago, IL

I called another company for replacement windows. The salesman was very nice, but he was in my house for almost two hours, and his initial estimate was a bit high. I called Semko. The son of the owner was the salesman (Sorry, can't remember the name). He spent all of fifteen minutes at my house measuring each window, and then he gave me a price. About twenty percent under the other company. The windows were installed two weeks later by a very efficient crew, and the windows themselves are almost exactly the same as the windows another company showed me. Excellent company.


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Semko replaced the windows in my house. They did everything right. Professional service, fair price, excellent installers. If you like working with family businesses, give these guys a shot. You won't be sorry.



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OMG!!! This company is AMAZING!!! I just had a bow window installed along with another  slider window at less expensive then other window companies and they did a great, GREAT job , very professional crew not to mention Jason kept us up to date on everything!! We are very happy with our windows  and will definitely recommend to our friends and family, I will use them again for sure!!!

Thank  you SEMKO!!!

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We hired Semko this fall for a total building window replacement project, almost 300 windows. This was a major job, 100 year old building, with big windows! Over the course of 3 weeks the Semko crews organized and completed the job. I can't say enough good things about the experience. 2 months later I'm happy to say we absolutely hired the best company for the job got the best deal and 24 out of 24 owners have commented they are 100% satisfied with the finished product. Big thanks to Jason and Adam.


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We are very happy with our new Windows! Our new place is warmer and definitely energy efficient. Semko, too out our old aluminum frame windows and replaced them with energy efficient pvc ones. I highly recommend Semko if you are looking to get new Windows. They were helpful, friendly and efficient in every step of the way

This an actual before an after of the work Semko performed on transforming this customers house.  We performed window replacement, siding and fascia replacement.  The customer continues to be extremely satisfied years after the work.  Remember, always GO TO HAL!!!



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Fast, easy and stress free.  A friend of mine recommended Semko so they were one of the several estimates that I got. They were the best reviewed and price so I had to do it.  They were out in a few days to measure and give estimate and then just a few weeks later they were installed. Done.



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Not only did they replace 10 windows in my house, they also created a hole in the wall to add one more. They did a terrific job! The workers are considerate and professional, and the price is very fair. Very good quality windows. No hassle, just straightforward and honest. Jason is a down-to-earth, responsive and friendly representative for this local, family-owned business.



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Spoke with Jason on the phone and explained to him what we needed....Jason arrived at our home a couple hours after our phone call.....measured our windows and patio door....gave an estimate..and completed the order....Very friendly in explaining how long they had been in business and what the complete cost would be.....Weeks later we got a call to set up a installation time and the crew arrived as scheduled...completed the install.cleaned up all the debris, and explained the operation of the new door and windows....Very pleased with the quality of the work as well as the product....


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