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Skokie is a cozy town with a family feel, but has the excitement of bordering Chicago. This town has a colorful history. After World War II, a large portion of the town was populated by the Jewish people. The Jewish community has a rich lineage of brilliant scholars, teachers, philosophers, and entrepreneurs. Skokie is now home to many influential synagogues and schools, which have greatly contributed to the growing collective consciousness in this town. The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is home to Skokie, which has brought awareness and respect to the accomplished Jewish population. Semko honors the town of Skokie as it is listed among the top 100 places to live in America, and our connection with the citizens of this town have taught us to appreciate diversity and cultural heritage. Homes in Skokie are founded on two things: honoring history, and providing functionality to humble families. At Semko, we have profound respect for the hardworking and educated people in this town. Our 25 years of experience in this evolving area have allowed us to work with the most wonderful people, and has driven us to provide Skokie with the best replacement windows to date. Windows are vital to viewing the beautiful world, and we value your satisfaction with our home improvement projects. Our Skokie replacement windows add to the durability of your living space, and are the foundation to the structure of your home.

At Semko, we offer the following:

  • Replacement windows Skokie
  • Replacement doors Skokie
  • Replacement siding Skokie

Skokie replacement windows

Our Skokie replacement window projects have satisfied thousands of customers and we have an excellent reputation.

Replacement Windows Skokie


Our family owned business understands that price and quality must come to a happy medium. Our Skokie replacement windows add to the rich history of your home, and compete with the leading companies in the home improvement industry. Our goal is to satisfy every family by installing superior windows with a personal touch. We understand how valuable family relationships are, especially in a town as diverse and accepting as Skokie. With over 4,000 customers over the past two and a half decades, we have perfected the art of Skokie replacement window installation. Your satisfaction is our priority, and Semko knows how valuable your time is.

Replacement Doors Skokie


We make sure your replacement doors are safe and secure, so if you celebrate Passover, only Elijah can surpass the security of your door! For connected families, maintaining the security of your home is a necessity. Family is number one, and the wellbeing of your loved ones lies in the durability and strength of your door. Our replacement doors in Skokie are made of the best quality. We aim for superior quality over mass quantity, and we select our jobs carefully.

Replacement Siding Skokie



Quality siding that has been properly applied should be able to perform four things: shed water, protect the walls from damaging weather, insulate the home, providing aesthetic structure. Siding is necessary if a homeowner seeks protection from the harsh winds and rain. If you are looking to always stay warm and have the most energy efficient home, replacing or installing siding is a key step that must not be overlooked. Correctly insulating your home ensures that your family will always be protected and safe. The added advantage is your house will look updated and attractive. New siding should be handled by experts in the home improvement industry. Our Semko family takes pride in using our collective experience to be the leader in providing you with exemplary siding.


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